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Ajimsa which means respect for life in all its forms

Ajimsa is a French-Chilean band from Santiago de Chile founded in 2016. At just 4 years old, Ajimsa already has 2 studio albums: 1 LP “Cosmovisión” (2016) and 1 EP “Somos I” (2019), in addition to 1 live EP, entitled “En vivo, Sala Master” (2019). The group has performed at major festivals such as Santiago Off, Rockeando sin Fronteras, Chilean Rock Day, and has 2 national tours. The singles “Ethereal” and the collaboration with Joe Vasconcellos “Quero te ver Florescer” are the first previews of his new EP, “Somos II”.

The name of the band has its origin in the Sanskrit “Ahimsa”, which means respect for life in all its forms. Their songs bring important messages of unity, strength, resistance and resilience, calling for respect for human rights and for planet Earth.

Music Albums

Somos l
En Vivo Sala Master


Quero Te Ver Florescer
Mi Casa

Trabún TV s01

Trabún TV is a program that brings together two universal pleasures as important as food and music. Hosted by Julie Gaye and Cristian Torres, founders of the Franco-Chilean band Ajimsa, this space will feature prominent national musicians in each chapter to discuss vegan gastronomy, songs and current affairs.

Chapter 1 Rodrigo Latorre

Chapter 2 Yorka

Chapter 3 Ania Ivania

Chapter 4 Joe Vasconcellos

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